More Full Service Art Marketing

1 May

Not to be redundant, but I thought I would write yet another post about the full scope of artist marketing and representation that I offer to my clients, with yet another example. In my last post, I wrote about the gallery reception photography service I provided for my client, Katie Metz, following the in-studio photos I took of her work soon to be displayed at the Abmeyer + Wood Gallery. So, in keeping with the same idea, I would like write a little about the recent work I did for the woodcarver and artist, Marceil DeLacy.

Marceil first came to me this past March to photograph her portfolio of fine woodcarvings. She was also interested in having me create a business card for her as well as a postcard in preparation for her inclusion in the upcoming Spotlight Show at the Northwest Woodworkers Gallery in Seattle’s Belton neighborhood. Our artist portrait session at Woodland Park for press release and publication rounded out the services I provided for Marceil Though her new website is currently under construction, you will soon be able to view her work at

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