Multiple Styles of Product Photography

1 August

I recently did a photo shoot for Carter and Son Toolworks, a company who designs and fabricates some pretty cool, heavy-duty woodworking tools. Well, actually, I did two separate photo shoots for them. One shoot was to capture these tools for use in catalogs on a pure white background. This is never an easy job when the product or artwork is basically a curved mirror of sorts, which these tools were. But hey, that’s what I do, right? The second shoot was for their marketing spread, something sexy! Well, if you think wood chips are sexy, here ya go. At any rate, the Carter family was very happy with the choices I made and keep bringing me more tools to photograph, as they deal with woodworkers all over the world.

If wood chips aren’t exactly what you have in mind for your work, I am sure that we can think outside the box and create some photos that can serve multiple purposes for marketing and sales. Think of it this way; there are the portfolio and catalog shots, which are at the heart of your portfolio, but having a few shots that stand alone can really make a difference in your marketing, and is never a bad thing to have on hand for whatever the use may be. Having these shots can really give a creative kick to your marketing materials! Ok, and they are really fun to do, too!

You can see more of their woodworking tools as well as more photos at