Art Reception Photographer (Now that’s full service!)

25 February

Artist and painter, Katie Metz, has been a valued client of mine for several years. I always know I am in for a sneak-peak treat when she brings a truckload of new works for me to photograph. My studio is a stop on the way to bringing her work to the gallery.  It’s an honor and a responsibility that I take very seriously.  On her most recent visit to my studio, after dropping off her paintings to be photographed, Katie asked if I would be interested in photographing the gallery opening as well. As a knee-jerk reaction to “event photography,” the disciplined studio photographer inside said, “Thank you, but I will have to pass.” This immediate reaction was based on my philosophy of finding a niche as a photographer and dedicating your passion and expertise to that particular discipline, as opposed to spreading yourself too thin and becoming a “jack of all trades” with an expensive camera. However, sometimes there is room for exceptions; and considering the “event” in question had everything to do with the my focus and passion, I decided to take Katie up on her request.

The evening of the opening came and went and was truly, a great experience. I am so used to my own personal connection with the art I photograph for my clients and the care that goes into each shot, but to be able to take part in the ritual of exhibition on the opening night was again, an honor. I would welcome the opportunity to shoot future openings for Katie, or any my wonderful artist clients. By the way; I did sneak a photo of myself and the artist standing next to one of her paintings.

Along with this blog post, I wanted to include Katie’s artist statement from her latest exhibition “Grounded Stories.”

“The subject of my work is my immediate surroundings, the plethora of images arising from my life in the heart of the city. The constant but ever-changing weave and movement of people, color, angle and aura has become an endless source of fascination and inspiration.

As my vision of all of it evolves and deepens, my translation of the city’s light and soul into the language of line and paint comes through.”

To see more of Katie Metz work, please visit her website.

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