How to Submit Your Artwork to CaFe

2 December

What is this CaFE online calls-for-art I keep hearing about? Well, its just that. There are lots of places on the internet to find calls for art both locally and beyond, CaFE is one that lots of my clients have been using and I thought I would walk my readers through an easy step-by-step lesson on creating an account, formatting your images and getting your work out there. It is free to create an account with CaFE, but each entry will usually have a small entry fee.

Here is how to set up your account.

1)Go to and on the top right of the screenclick on the green button that says “first time users register here”. That takes you to a page with some info about CaFE; read it. At the bottom of the screen click on “click here” to register. Read through registration agreement and click on “I agree” If you wish to do so and continue with the registration.

2)Once you click on “I agree”, it will take you to an information name/address page. Create a usename and password, fill out info and at the bottom of the screen click the button that says “register now”.

3)At this point it is time to start adding image files to your CaFE portfolio. Once images are uploaded and the information is submitted you will be able to start looking for entries and making submissions. so you will need to first follow the CaFE guidelines for image formatting. There website images are all shown as a square format. So if your submission is not square, you will need to create a square photoshop document. Fill the back ground with black and drop your image into the document. If your image is not square it will end up having black on both the top and bottom for horizontal images or black on both sides for vertical images.Here are the Correct

format requirements for CaFE. On the

Image Size

  • dpi 72
  • Pixel Dimensions 1920 x 1920
  • Maximum file size 1.8m

Once you have the images sized and saved as a 72 dpi jpegs on the “My Portfolio” page on the CaFE site click on upload media, when you do select “Image” under “What are you uploading?” then “Choose file” and fill in the info boxes and then click on “Apply to Calls”. Scroll threw the calls and find some you like and follow the simple steps to apply. Easy as that. If you need image files created or need assistance setting up your account, please contact Bret at Artist Eye Studio. This is a service I provide for my clients all the time. Happy hunting.