5 Essential Tools for an Artist

Artist Portfolio and Marketing is a presentation I have been developing for the past several years and began as a 3-day workshop designed to help artists put together a strong, well-organized portfolio. The workshop has been refined and condensed into a 1-hour intensive exposition, which identifies and explores the necessary components to an artist portfolio as well as what I consider to be the 5 essential Tools for an Artist. This is done with a detailed breakdown of the content for 3 portfolio formats, including: a hard copy print portfolio, artist website and digital portfolio on CD. Each component of the portfolio is explained in depth, from the images and their presentation to the necessary writing for a portfolio, such as: artist statement, resume and bio. I also explore several key items that are used for marketing artist’s work with samples and illustrations of marketing materials designed by Artist Eye Studio. The presentation closes with some valuable information designed to help the artist stay grounded in their community of fellow artists. Below is a small slice of the presentation.



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