Product Photography Done to Order

I loved doing this product photography shoot. My studio was filled with fragrant flowers that were being arranged by Mari Schultz of Stems Vases, located here in Seattle. Maria came to me as a referral from a client I had worked with that had requested I duplicate the photography from a previous photographer to match the client’s branding and look. This is what Mari wanted as well. Before we met for the first time and after speaking with Mari on the phone, I checked out her website and figured out what would be required to match her images.  Matching the style of another photographer is never as easy as following the style you have developed for yourself. Without knowledge of how another photographer has created his photograph, i.e., what was their lighting configuration, background materials, filters, and how much post-production Photoshop editing went into this image, etc, a product photographer must becomes a detective of sorts. Fortunately, for a skilled photographer, there is a multitude of ways to come to the same image. Whether or nor I figured out exactly “how” this other photographer had created their image is not as important as whether or not the client is happy with the images I created for them.

Product photographyProduct photographyProduct photographyProduct photographyProduct photography


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