Glass is one of the most challenging materials a product photographer can face, due to its translucence and reflective nature. However, It can produce some the most beautiful photographs when done correctly, in the hands of a skilled art photographer. That’s me, and I love photographing glass art! I have overcome the challenges and develop a style and technique that allows the light to glow from within, creating a stunning image.

Each photography session is unique and brings with its own set of variables, creative possibilities and direction. With high resolution for a sharp and flawless image, as well as the post-production work of digitally removing any dust and cleaning up the final photograph, your work can be presented as it should. With a strong background in visual art and design, I am able to bring a rich, creative element to my photography and will work closely with each client to determine the best possible photograph. Each shot is carefully composed and beautifully lit, bringing out the best qualities possible.

In-studio sessions are available by appointment. Artist Eye Portfolio Studio is conveniently located in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. Work can also be shipped to the Studio and will be carefully re-packed and returned after completion of service. Arrangements can also be made for location visits to your place of business. Artist Eye Portfolio studio is fully licensed and bonded.




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