Artist marketing is essential for self promotion and sales. The basic tools aside from a good website can be as simple as high quality business cards featuring your artwork as well as an Artist Portfolio on CD

Artist portfolio on CD

It is very important for artists to have more than one format to effectively present their portfolios to galleries or other interested parties. An artist portfolio on CD is not meant to take the place of a traditional bound portfolio or website, rather is to be used in addition to these formats. This is a good way for galleries to keep all your important information on file in one well-organized package.

Artist business cards

Artist Eye Studio creates beautiful, Full-color, 2-sideed custom business cards featuring your artwork as a full bleed or as a graphic element along with your desired contact information. This is a great way to match your branding to your website, or other marketing materials. You are a creative person, why have a boring business card? Ick!

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